MCA wants action on unsafe school buildings

KUALA LUMPUR: The MCA will discuss with the Education Ministry about swift remedial work on Chinese primary schools operating from unsafe buildings, its president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said.

The party would not allow any more people, either teachers or students, to be killed in a manner similar to what happened to a teacher who fell to his death on Sunday when the termite-infested floor gave way, he added.

Chan Boon Heng, 42, of SJK (C) Keat Hwa in Alor Star, died of internal injuries.

“We feel very sad over the incident. We will not let such a tragedy recur. We will help the school as well as bring the matter to the Government,” Ong told reporters at Wisma MCA yesterday.

Ong said party organising-secretary Datuk Hon Choon Kim, who is Deputy Education Minister, would collect data on the condition of schools in the country.

“We will give prompt assistance, including allocations from the Government, if any school needs immediate attention,” he said.

On another issue, Ong said party members and leaders would have to attend a training programme on how to carry out their tasks more effectively.

In Alor Star, SJK(C) Keat Hwa received approval from the Alor Star City Council yesterday to build a new school building at a new location.

The school’s Parent-Teacher Association chairman Dr Lim Sin Keat said the new building would be sited on a 5.5ha land in Seri Ampang, about 5km from its present building in Jalan Kampung Perak.